10+ best cable locks for your Windows 10 laptop [2021 Guide]

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best laptop cable locks

Kensington Combination Portable Cable Lock

This is another 4-digit laptop cable lock from Kensington. Just like all laptop locks, this one is simple to use and you can easily connect it to your laptop. The lock uses T-Bar technology so it will keep your laptop safe from theft. The lock is strong and tamper-resistant, so your laptop will remain protected at all times.

Unlike other laptop cable locks on our list, this one comes with self-coiling carbon steel cable, so it will stretch up to 6 feet. After you’re done using it, the cable will shrink down to 3 inches so you can easily carry it with you. Like many other Kensington products this one also supports Register & Retrieve program that allows you to easily retrieve your lock code in case you forget it.

Kensington Combination Portable Cable Lock is a great laptop lock, and with the self-coiling cable it will be perfect if you need to carry it with you at all times.

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RUBAN 6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable

RUBAN Universal Security Cable is a standard 4-digit cable lock for your laptop. Keep in mind that this lock is fully compatible with other devices that have an available security slot. The lock comes with 6.2 feet steel cable that will protect your device.

The lock combination can be reset, so even if you forget your lock code, you can easily reset it and set a new one.

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Targus Defcon CL Laptop Lock

Targus DEFCON CL is a 4-digit cable laptop lock and it’s compatible with all standard laptop lock slots. The lock comes with 6.5 feet galvanized vinyl-coated steel cable. We have to mention that cable is Kevlar reinforced, so it offers decent protection.

The cable is cut-resistant so it will provide solid protection to your device.

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Dell Premium Laptop Keyed Computer Lock

If you own a Dell laptop, you might want to consider this laptop lock. This is a high-security lock and it comes with 6 feet long cable. The lock uses a cut-resistant steel composite cable, so it will provide decent protection to your laptop.

The lock has a sleek design and it supports pivoting up to 90 degrees. This lock uses hidden pin technology that will prevent the lock from being picked. Regarding compatibility, this lock works with Kensington lock slots.

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Kensington K6437WW ClickSafe Laptop Lock

Kensington ClickSafe Laptop Lock is a simple cable laptop lock. The lock is tamper-resistant so it will keep your laptop safe at all times. To use this lock, simply install Security Anchor to the Kensington Security Slot and connect this lock to it.

The cable is made from carbon steel and it’s cut-resistant. This lock is simple to use, and you can lock your laptop without a key in a few seconds. In case you lose your key, Kensington Register and Retrieve system will send you a replacement key.

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Bodyguard Notebook Lock Security Cable

This laptop lock comes with 6.2 feet cable, so you can easily attach it to any object. The lock has 4-digit combination lock that will protect your laptop.

This lock is simple to use, and you can easily lock your computer with just a single button press. The cable is made from steel wire so it will provide decent protection to your laptop.

Bodyguard Security Cable is a decent laptop lock, but it might not be compatible with certain laptops, so be sure to check the compatibility before you purchase it.

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Protecting your laptop is extremely important, and one of the simplest ways to do that is to use a laptop cable lock.

There are many great laptop cable locks on the market, and we hope that you’ll find the right one for you on our list.

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