Skype Insider builds are plagued by camera and microphone issues

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skype insider camera microphone issues

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Microsoft confirmed that the latest Skype insider builds for desktop are affected by microphone or camera issues. The company added that its engineers are working on fixing these bugs as soon as possible.

Hi Skype Insiders,
if you are experiencing problems with your camera or microphone when using the latest Skype Insider builds on desktop, please report a problem through the app. This will helps us resolve these problems as quickly as possible. Thanks!

So, at least we know that Microsoft is aware of these problems and a fix is coming.

We’ve written extensively on Skype audio issues. Check out this guide for more information.

As expected, many Skype insiders confirmed they encountered the same issues.

One user reported the following:

I can’t make a phone call using my desktop microphone. What shall I do?

So, the update made Skype unusable to those who want to make phone calls via the app. The issues also appeared when users tried to use the camera on Skype:

I can’t get the webcam to connect with my Skype call.  the camera is working ok.

Even if the camera is working fine on other apps, Insiders can’t use it on Skype.

Quick fix for Skype audio issues

Still, there is a quick solution for the microphone issue.

  1. To fix it, open the Windows Sound Control Panel, and then Playback devices.playback devices settings
  2. Here you set Speakers (Conexant HD Audio) as the Default Voice Playback device.

For the camera problem on Skype, you can check out this guide for additional solutions.

Keep in mind that this issue affects only Skype Insider builds, meaning that the average users will probably not encounter similar issues when the update will be released.

Does Skype work smoothly for you? Let us know in the comment section below.



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