Canary Edge to get user inspired changes in the near future

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Microsoft improves Canary edge based on user feedback

Microsoft has big plans for its Chromium-based browser and it’s trying to accomplish them with the help of user feedback.

The tech giant shared some lists with previous changes that were implemented in Edge Canary thanks to Insiders feedback, but also some future changes planned for the months ahead.

Microsoft is listening to Edge Insiders

It seems like the team behind the browser is listening more and more to what users have to say, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

These are the changes that may come to the Canary channel in September 2019:

  • An option to prevent auto-play of video and audio when you open a website
  • A round of improvements to scrolling experience, with more (including performance) to come down the line
  • The addition of a favorites button to the toolbar, to provide quicker access to favorites

And here are the changes and improvements planned for the Canary channel in October 2019:

  • Inking on PDFs
  • When you sign-in to the browser, your sign-in profile picture will accurately be kept up to date.
  • When you have more than one profile, better handling for opening links and attachments in the appropriate profile.
  • An option to set your own photos as the background image on the New Tab Page
  • Enable search in the extensions store
  • A bug fix for users who receive an “Administrator Mode Detected” notification (advising them to close and relaunch the browser in non-administrator mode) each time they launch Edge
  • ClickOnce deployment of Windows applications from web pages

Microsoft also said that there are other feature requests that are taken into consideration, and their development will be announced publicly.

Keep in mind that some of these features may change over time, while others might not make it to future builds.

The important thing to remember is that Microsoft is listening to your feedback and is willing to keep its users up to date.