Edge Canary to include Windows spellchecker soon

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Edge Canary to include Windows spellchecker

Edge Canary is getting a lot of new features lately. Microsoft is finally using user feedback to improve their Chromium-based browser and make it as user friendly as possible.

Windows spellchecker makes its way into Edge

After receiving some new InPrivate mode changes and a new sync option for passwords, Edge Canary build will integrate the Windows OS spellchecker. canary edge windows spellchecker

The idea was first brought into attention over a month ago and shortly after, the flag to enable it appeared in Chrome Canary.

Now, the same flag appeared in Edge Canary as well, signalling that the implementation in Chrome was a success and the feature is ready for Edge.

Users now have the option to choose between Windows OS spellchecker or Hunspell spellchecker in Edge Canary’s settings.

We have to mention that the option might not be available for all users, as Microsoft is still testing it.

If Windows spellchecker is a massive improvement over the Hunspell engine, that’s for you to decide. At least now, there are more options to choose from.

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