Don’t worry if you can’t remove FUT players in FIFA 20

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
Deputy Editor
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EA Access for FIFA 20 not working

Playing FIFA is a great way of spending free time for many people. Many players are thrilled after the release of FIFA 20.

However, many users encountered an issue with FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. People can’t delete players with 0 coins from FUT.

One user reported the following on the official EA forum.

I have this day had three players with 0 coins. I can’t add them to my squad and can’t remove them. They are in my Expired TArgets. When I try to Unwatch them I get an error message, saying I am still bidding on them.

Users encountered this problem on the FIFA 20 companion.

What to do if you can’t remove FIFA 0 coin players?

Fortunately, this has a simple solution. Wait for the game to be officially released.

In the released version, you’ll have no problem removing these players. Not being able to delete 0 coin players happened last year as well in FIFA 19.

So, this problem is not as serious as it seems. You will have your perfect team in no time once the game is officially released on the 27th of September.

Did you encounter a similar issue in FIFA 20? What’s your take on the new release? Do let us know in the comments section below!