New hotkey lets you capture a section of your screen in Windows 10

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As the release of the Creators Update for Windows 10 approaches, Microsoft constantly improves the system with new features and options. The most recent Windows 10 Preview build 15002 has been the richest Creators Update release so far in that regard. Besides improvements and new features for some of the most important aspects of Windows 10, the new build also brings some small but very useful updates.

One of the new features is OneNote’s popular screenshot feature. It allows users to capture any part of the screen using a keyboard shortcut. Although this is a minor improvement, it will be extremely useful for Windows 10 users, especially for those who take a lot of screenshots.

“OneNote 2016’s popular screenshot feature is now built into Windows 10! You can use Win + Shift + S to capture a region of your screen and copy it to the clipboard for pasting into OneNote for Windows 10 or any other app. Please note that this feature replaces the one in OneNote 2016.”

Until now, Windows 10’s default screenshot feature captured the entire screen without the option to capture a certain portion instead. Of course, there are other ways to capture parts of the screen, but each method involves using additional tools. The new screenshot feature, however, only copies the captured image to the clipboard and doesn’t save it automatically.

The new screenshot feature, however, only copies the captured image to the clipboard. So, you’ll still have to use tools like Paint to be able to transform the screenshot into a legitimate image. Or, you can set up the feature to save screenshots to OneDrive.

The new screenshot feature is for now only available to Windows Insiders running at least build 15002. As expected, Microsoft will release it to the general public with the Creators Update this spring.



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