Microsoft sells cheap $40 stylus for students

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft is making important announcements on the BETT platform this year. Apart from introducing 7 new Windows 10 laptops for revolutionizing education in 2019, the company also introduced the Microsoft Classroom Pen.

This new stylus is compatible with all the Surface devices. Besides supporting Microsoft Surface devices, this new pen can also be used on other Windows 10 computers manufacturer by third-party companies.

But what does this new stylus offer exactly? Let me explain it.

This new Microsoft stylus is perfect for the classroom environment. It is built in accordance with the needs of students. It is smaller than the current Surface Pen and is only four inches long. But there is more. It is lightweight, easy to hold and durable and possesses a hardened tip.
Now here comes the good part.

The new pen comes with an easy tip replacement option. New tips are provided with the package which is quite handy due to the incautious young students. According to Microsoft, this new stylus is:

Designed for students who put their learning tools through heavy wear and tear and features a durable, hardened pen tip and a replacement tip for each pen included in the box. Plus, a built-in slot at the end makes for easy tethering to students’ device cases, so the pen doesn’t get lost.

This Classroom Pen is powered by one AAAA battery. It has a slot for pairing it to a PC to diminish the chances of losing it. Moreover, it has two buttons for right click functions and erasing the text.

Microsoft plans to drive the pen to the market next month. They announced that the pen will be sold in a pack of 20 for almost $800, so each pen costs $40. This is cheaper than the Surface Pen which costs $100. Thus, the new pen has a strong potential for students to purchase it.

Microsoft imparts that this new tool resonates with the demands of students and helps them to achieve their writing goals. They stated that this Pen was developed by the engineers after many meetups with the students in the classroom.

Microsoft is on its way to achieving bigger education goals in 2019. We’re the company will release new education devices in 2020 as well.


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