Microsoft finally fixes Windows Store ‘Check for Updates’ bug

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One of the most annoying bugs in Windows 10 is the inability to use the “Check for Updates” button within the Windows Store. The bug rendered the button useless, leaving users with the urge to rip their hair out.

This bug only affects those who are a part of the Windows 10 Insider Preview program. Everyone else can be certain that they’ll have nothing to worry about.

It took Microsoft a while before the company could fix the store bug, but at least the deed has been done and we can move on in peace knowing we can click on the button and watch the magic happen before our very eyes.

To get the update, users won’t have to do a thing: this is a backend update so it should be up and running on your system right now.

If for some reason the Windows Store is still suffering from the same issue, then we recommend launching the Feedback Hub app and letting Microsoft know what is going on.

Want more from the Windows Store? Microsoft is giving away the first episode of Thirteen for free right now. Furthermore, the FXNOW streaming app is available via the store, though not everyone will be able to use it fully.



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