Christmas comes early with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing Xbox controller

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator controllers are now available on pre-order.
  • The controller has been long awaited for Xbox fans.
  • The controllers are expected to arrive by Dec 23.

Xbox fans have yet one more thing to smile about as Thrustmaster has just announced that its new TCA Yoke Boeing Edition controller is now available on preorder.

Fans will receive the controllers as of December 23. Xbox fans have for a long time been limited in the controllers they could use to play with but this news changes everything. 

Earlier in the month, Xbox controller deals were on the market so it seems fans have a lot to catch up on.


The Boeing yoke will be available just before Christmas. It is a replica of the control yoke of a Boeing 787.

The difference is that this yoke uses a pendular system as opposed to the other devices that solely relied on a stainless-steel shaft that plunges into the dashboard.

It is coded with Xbox buttons making it much easier to use on consoles. This is the type of news Xbox fans have been waiting for and has an in-built 3.5 mm audio jack.

A bit costly

The TCA Pack Boeing Edition consists of the yoke, a mounting bracket for a single throttle quadrant which will set you back $499.99 back. If you wish to purchase the yoke alone, it will cost $399.99 but will only be available on pre-order in early 2022.

This is quite pricey but Thrustmaster has invested heavily in creating a modular throttle quadrant and chaining two of them with the yoke. 

It is now possible for users to recreate controls needed that will enable them to fly even the largest airliners in Flight Simulator. The four engines also have independent controls. 

All preorders made from today will be received by Christmas. For further information, visit the Thrustmaster website.

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