Chrome 55 removes Flash but brings significant memory improvements

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Recently, Google introduced Chrome 55 to the world. The latest update for its Chrome web browser comes with a variety of changes and improvements which palpably impact the user experience. Users will be able to notice the different changes which have taken effect in Chrome 55 in different departments.

Google touched not only the visual department but also tweaked its browser’s security measures and applied a considerable boost to the performance gauge. In terms of security, a lot of threats have been dealt with, including same origin bypass or XSS, with Google managing to weed out a total of 36 issues concerning the browser’s security. This ties in with the removal of Adobe Flash Player. The Flash Player has been cooked into the browser by default until now. The recent attacks and major vulnerabilities displayed by Flash has pushed Google to remove it and replace it with HTML5, further strengthening their security. HTML5 is believed to be better in terms of both security and performance.

The CSS automatic hyphenation is a new feature which will ensure that text across the web will upped in both aspect and readability, so when viewing wrapped line text users would benefit from an upgraded experience.

While the Flash replacement was bound to be considered the update’s highlight, it is not the only one. Google also worked on its JavaScript engine, JavaScript V8, making it so that the overall RAM consumption rates would go way down. Reports based on initiated test runs show that users will benefit from a 50% RAM consumption drop. This will boost a machine’s performance significantly especially if we’re talking about an older machine or a mobile platform with less RAM.

With Chrome 55 out and these new features available for the general public, Google’s browser remains the top market shareholder with over half the total amount of shares under its belt.



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