Here are 3 key changes coming to Chromium browsers soon

by Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft is completely focused on improving the new Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft wants this browser to be equipped with all the necessary features before going for a public release.

The new changes prove that Chromium Edge is on a par with all the major browsers out there.

Microsoft is testing many changes and improvements at the moment. You will see most of these changes in all the Chromium-based browsers. Some of the major are improvements to Contrast colors, Find box options and Aura tooltips.

3 key changes coming to Chromium browsers

1. Forced colors mode

According to another commit, Microsoft is developing a feature called Forced colors mode.

This mode forces the Contrast colors to comply with the system-wide Windows 10 settings. It means the web content in Chromium browsers will display the webpage in high contrast when you switch on high contrast mode on your system.

This feature already exists in Microsoft Edge.

The commit revealed the following:

Pass the state of high contrast from NativeTheme to the renderer and update the forced colors enum based on its value dynamically. This is used to evaluate the forced-colors media query. 


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2. Find box

Secondly, Microsoft is improving the existing Find box option and currently testing some important changes. You can open the Find box by pressing Ctrl+F. But the existing version has an issue.

When you select a text before opening Find box, it does not appear in it. You are required to type the text all over again to find something.

Microsoft decided to resolve this issue in the new version. The change is rolled out to Chrome Canary and will be publically available soon.

3. Aura tooltips

Microsoft wants to improve the dark mode theme with the help of Aura tooltips. Tooltips are the small text preview boxes that pop up when you move your mouse over links.

These tooltips do not respect the dark mode settings when applied in Windows 10 when you switch. If you change the text scaling in System Settings, the text size that appears in the tooltip does not change.

Microsoft used Aura tooltips to resolve this issue. You can find the new implementation in Chrome Canary.