Windows 10 ARM devices expected to run Chromium Edge in 2020

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Microsoft finally confirmed it is collaborating with Google to bring Chromium-based Edge to Windows 10 ARM devices

Recently, one developer successfully compiled and tested Chromium Edge on Windows ARM64 devices. The news was announced by the developer himself on Twitter.

He stated that he had been trying to make this experiment a successful one since January. He confirmed that the browser works faster than expected.

The fact that Microsoft confirmed it’s working towards the same goal made many Windows 10 users happy.

The company revealed it’s planning to bring the new Edge browser to Windows 10 ARM devices. The tech giant further revealed that its team is collaborating with Google engineers to speed up the process.

Microsoft hopes that Windows on ARM devices will natively run Chromium-based Edge starting with Chrome version 73.

We’ve been collaborating with Google engineers to enable Chromium to run natively on Windows on ARM devices starting with Chromium 73. With these contributions, Chromium-based browsers will soon be able to ship native implementations for ARM-based Windows 10 PCs, significantly improving their performance and battery life.

All Chromium-based browsers will be supported

Microsoft believes that once the implementation has been done, your ARM-based Windows 10 systems will support all Chromium-based browsers.

This technology will reduce heavy battery consumption and will significantly improve Edge‘s performance.

It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, and a couple of other companies will get most many benefits out of ARM compatibility for Chromium-based browsers.

As a matter of fact, the devices  running software solutions developed by the aforementioned companies need to have a native browser in order to meet battery and performance expectations.

Additionally, Microsoft also confirmed that the new browser would be soon available to macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems. 

The company has yet to reveal when Chromium-Edge will be available on Windows 10 ARM.

As we all know, this year’s Build developer conference falls next month. Perhaps the tech giant will provide users with more juicy details at the event. 



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