Chuwi steps its game up with the new CoreBook 2-in-1

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Chuwi has a few laptops and tablets influenced by design ideas from both Apple and Microsoft. The new Chuwi CoreBook 2-in-1, in particular, marks an important design change as the company tries to redefine its strategy.

For starters, the Chuwi CoreBook will not be another Surbook. Rather, it is more similar to the Huawei MateBook E even if overall, the CoreBook differs quite a bit.

CoreBook 2-in-1 comes with an upgraded Core M processor

This new CoreBook has a 13.3-inch Full HD laminated screen, meaning there’s no gap between the glass and display for enhanced clarity and brightness.

It sports a Core M CPU and even if it’s a generation behind the Core m3-7Y30, it is a significant step up from the Celerons from the past. The CPU is fanless and features 6GB of RAM along with 128GB internal storage.

The Touch ID feature

The Touch ID feature is included with the CoreBook, a fingerprint scanner that will work via Windows Hello. The device switched from a hinge similar to the one of the Surface to one where the stand and the angle depend on the keyboard cover’s position within 165° of range.

Chuwi CoreBook


The CoreBook comes to Indiegogo

Chuwi will bring the device to Indiegogo to feel the market the same way the company did with the SurBook. More specifically, 300 units will be available, and users who sign up early will get a cool discount once the campaign starts.

The company is also holding a giveaway from October 27 to November 10 where 3 lucky winners will be chosen. If you want to get a chance to win a free CoreBook, check out Chuwi’s official website!


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