Cleaning software Clean PC Smart scams users, doesn’t clean anything

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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We all use some kind of software now and again to help our PCs clear up accumulated junk and run more efficiently. One type of this kind of software are registry cleaners. Unfortunately, not all software that promises to solve problems actually do so. Clean PC Smart, a newly surfaced registry cleaner, is one of them.

The software appeared suddenly and without any details.Some didn’t let this go, however, and conducted their own test of the application while also using various programs to help users detect what processes are being started at any given time. This would help them see exactly what the registry cleaner was doing at all times.

With the help of Colasoft Capsa, a tool used for network capturing, as well as Process Monitor, which tracks a program’s “movement”, testers were able to uncover some very worrying facts about Clean PC Smart. It turns out that as soon as the installation was over and the initial scan began, the application immediately tried to find out the user’s IP address, computer name and MAC address, and then tried to send them back to the program’s servers. Later on, after performing a registry cleanup, it was found that the app simply took information from the PC such as what processes are running as well as a few Microsoft registry entries, and presented them as results for the “scan”.

In conclusion, this app might be a potential threat to the safety of your system and even though the true intentions of the developer aren’t known, one thing is for sure: it doesn’t clean any registries. That is why your best bet is to find another solution for your registry problems. If you’ve already installed Clean PC Smart, uninstall it ASAP.


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