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Windows 10 Store offers a lot of great apps to help you organize your trip. And the family of travel apps just got one old-new member, as Cleartrip released its official app for Windows 10. The app is a Universal, which means that it will perfectly work on your Windows 10 PC, laptop, tablet, and if you’re using it on the go, it also can be found in the Windows 10 Mobile Store, as well.

Cleartrip is a very popular travel app, and it was present on Windows Phone devices for a long time. But, just like many others developers decided to pull their apps upon the release of Windows 10, Cleartrip also wasn’t available to Windows 10 users from day one. But the app is now re-released, and fully functional.

With Cleartrip you can completely plan your holiday or trip, because you can do everything from one place. You can book a flight, reserve a room or a hotel, check for available trains, and more. Basically, anything you need to plan your trip.

“More than 6 million people love to use Cleartrip on mobile to plan, search and book their trips. Save time and money when booking flights, trains (authorised by IRCTC), hotels and unique experiences with amazing deals and the best experience around.”

Cleartrip isn’t the only app of this kind in the store, as TripAdvisor also launched its own Windows 10 Universal app recently. Windows Store offers great solutions for organizing a trip, as you can check the weather with AccuWeather, or book a taxi in the foreign city with Uber.

Do you plan to go on a trip anytime soon? Will you use Cleartrip or some other travel-planning app from Windows Store to organize your travel better? Tell us in the comments.

Cleartrip is available in the Windows Store for free, and you can download it from this link.


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