Clock and Calendar time format issues fixed in latest Windows 10 build

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 build 14342 finally brings a fix for the annoying time format incoherence in the Clock and Calendar app. More specifically, items will no longer be off on the agenda because all events will be tracked using the same time format. Also, you can now dismiss Clock and Calendar by double clicking on the date and time icon in the taskbar.

  • We fixed Clock and Calendar flyout issues on the taskbar with the 24-hour time format where the agenda items would display using 12-hour format instead of the 24-hour time format and certain items would be off by 12 hours.

  • We fixed an issue where the Clock and Calendar flyout couldn’t be dismissed by clicking on the date and time in the taskbar a second time.

The issue about the hour format of the agenda was extremely annoying because users would receive notifications about events when it was already too late. This can be extremely bad when it comes to work tasks or deadlines of any kind.

This is not the first build when time format issues have been reported by Insiders. In the builds before, users had difficulties in finding the time format they needed because only the 12h format was available. In other cases, the 24-hour time format was automatically switched to the 12-hour format when the computer was restarted or when users signed out.

don’t know why but after the upgrade to build 10041 the format of the time at the lock screen has changed. Now it’s AM/PM format and I would like to have my 24 h format back. I can’t find where I’m able to set it.

Wrong time format is displayed on the Lock Screen under the following circumstances: When I switch on my computer, restart it or sign out.

In my case, I have properly set up the time to always display the 24-hour format, but in those cases it is shown in the 12-hour one.
Once I have signed in with my Microsoft account and I manually lock the screen by pressing (Winkey+L), the right time format is displayed, in my case the 24-hour one.
Microsoft should really pay attention to such issues because of the kind of impacts these errors can have on a user’s life. Many people use agendas and reminders to keep track of important tasks, and not receiving notifications at the right moment can have serious consequences.
Speaking of issues with your clock in Windows 10, here’s what to do if your clock is wrong, and make sure to check for its accuracy before proceeding with the fixes.

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