Menu options ‘Close other tabs’ and ‘Close tabs to the right’ to be removed from Chrome

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Google has announced that it intends to completely remove two features from Chrome. The features in question are actually contextual menu options that appear when right-clicking any tab open. The two features being removed are “Close tabs to the right” and “Close other tabs”.

They aren’t very popular

Google says these two features are being removed simply because they aren’t popular. And while many actually believe that it wouldn’t do any harm to just leave them there, it appears they still do. Leaving the unused options there will result in the browser having to scan more content thus making the entire context menu more complex.

Numbers don’t lie

To provide a more compelling argument for their decision, Google have also provided usage statistics which showcase how much these functions were used. This statistic is from September 2016, but not much has changed since then in terms of user preferencesand what context menu options are being used.

  • Duplicate: 23.21%
  • Reload: 22.74%
  • Pin / Unpin tab: 13.12%
  • Close tab: 9.68%
  • Reopen closed tab: 8.92%
  • New tab: 6.63%
  • Close tabs to the right: 6.06%
  • Mute tab: 5.38%
  • Close other tabs: 2.20%
  • Unmute tab: 1.41%
  • Bookmark all tabs: 0.64%

What’s interesting however is the fact that, while the two options are indeed not in the top of the list, they aren’t the last two on it either. This could possibly point towards even more functions being removed in the future or maybe an attempt by Google to get people to use some overlooked functions.

By removing two less popular options from the context menu, Google is also making the list physically shorter, making it easier for users to see options they were previously ignoring or maybe even unaware of.

While there are talks about the Bookmark all tabs option also going away, no date or time has been given regarding this issue. Users are now only left with waiting until Google announces any definitive plans for Chrome.



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