Coming soon: Microsoft Teams users to switch between meeting views

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to swap between focus, together, full screen mode, and Gallery at the top.
  • Users currently have to click the ellipses menu to switch the view modes.
  • Microsoft announced the feature would be coming in March 2021.
New: Microsoft Teams users to switch between meeting views

It seems Microsoft is not done with the updates as a new one has just been announced. The Teams app has been receiving numerous updates since remote working took center stage after the pandemic. Features such as the Word cloud poll and improved protection have made the platform one of the most sought-after.

A new Microsoft Teams feature is coming soon to a screen near you. The company is planning to release a view switcher that will be positioned at the top bar of Teams meetings allowing people to switch from different modes.

Early announcement

Microsoft first made the announcement in early 2021 and with the recent update to Microsoft 365. The feature may be making its way sooner than expected. The official dates for the launch are yet to be announced.

Switch different modes

The new view switcher, which will appear at the top bar of a Microsoft Teams meeting, will give users the power to control how they want to view the meeting content. They will choose between various display modes such as Together mode, Full screen, Focus mode, and Gallery at the top.

The new view switcher will make options a lot easier for users to select the kind of display they prefer. Currently, they have to click on the ellipsis menu to locate the different views in a meeting.

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