Cunning Conan Exiles players remove stairs during raids, Siege Towers could soon arrive

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Conan Exiles is an Early Access game, which means that players should expect to encounter various issues and uncover different exploits. One of the more recent sources of discontent among players is the stair removal practice that some players resort to. More specifically, when under attack, some players simply remove the stairs from their bases, leaving attackers unable to reach them.

I am tierd of people that have bases ontop of rocks or on the side of cliffs removeing their steps so no one can touch them .
They go out raid people take their stuff ect. when you try to return the faver (Pay Back) you cant becouse they simply remove their steps I am sure this is not the way they intended it to be […]

An exploit or an intended feature?

Conan Exiles’ devs have not issued any comments on this situation yet, so it’s still not clear whether this is an exploit, something they forgot to correct, or an actual game feature.

Players suggest that the devs should either fix this or add other features that would allow them to counteract this strategy. For example, adding wooden ladders would allow attackers to place ladders on walls and carry on with the attack. However, falling down would mean instant death.

Actually, all survival games where height plays an important part offer some form of climbing aid. Conan Exiles may soon receive siege towers, climbing gear, ladders, and more such pieces of equipment.

Players who use this trick suggest that this is not an exploit at all but rather common sense, adding they would do this in real life as well. They are determined to keep using this defense strategy until the offline raid protection has been added.



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