You can now control which type of apps can be installed on your PC

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We’re getting close to the public release of the Creators Update for Windows 10. In that manner, Microsoft starts releasing new Preview builds more frequently. The new builds don’t contain any new features, but instead, improve what’s already presented.

The latest Windows 10 Preview build 15046 introduces an option which allows you to choose what type of apps/programs you want to be installed on your computer. You can choose to allow installing apps and programs from any source, or just from the Windows Store.

This option lies in the Apps & features section on the Settings app. There are three available choices – “Allow apps from anywhere”, “Warn me before installing apps from outside the Store”, and “Allow apps from the Store only”.

According to Microsoft, when you choose either of the Store options, you’ll a warning when trying to install a non-Store app. The message will guide you to the Store, where you can download an alternative UWP app (if available).

The similar option is present in various smartphone devices, so maybe Microsoft got the idea from that. Those more skeptical would say that this is just another way to promote UWP apps to Windows 10 users. We’ll let the judgment to you.

This option is, for now, available to Windows Insiders running at least build 15046 only. Of course, it will become available to other users when the Creators Update gets released this April.



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