AnyToISO converts files into PC compatible ISO files

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If you’re on the computer all the time fiddling with different software, you most likely know about ISO files. ISO files are compressed “virtual images” of different data packages usually encountered when dealing with operating systems downloaded online as well as other programs.

If you want to turn your own data into an ISO file, you can do using AnyToISO. This software is small, esay to manage and efficient. If you’re looking for software that can de-archive files, convert data into ISO as well as project entire CDs or DVDs as ISO files, AnyToISO Lite is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something extra, you can check out AnyToISO Premium. The Lite version is free while the latter isn’t.

This software is good because it lacks any kind of complicated process that could hinder newcomers to ISO conversion. The whole thing is done through a button called “Make ISO”, which is as convenient as it can be. You don’t have to deal with anything that isn’t necessary: You just enter the command and wait for the software to complete the job. The program’s interface lets you browse different folders and files and once you’ve chosen one to convert, simply hit the aforementioned button to start the magic.

The data you want to convert can be selected through one of the tabs made available to you as soon as you fire up AnyToISO. These tabs are File Extract/Convert to ISO, CD/DV Disk to ISO and Folder to ISO. If you’re looking for a tool for pretty much all your ISO needs, we advise you try out AnyToISO.

What do ISOs do?

They simulate the existence of a CD/DVD inside your computer. For this, you need to create a virtual DVD drive for your computer, which is done through the same programs that let you read ISO files. More recent versions of Windows are able to run and operate ISO images just as well, making it extremely convenient because you don’t have to download, install and manage another third party software.



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