Copy and paste to get an overhaul in Edge and Chrome on Windows 11

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • A radical change could soon be coming to the Edge web browser.
  • The new feature will drastically improve the clipboard abilities of the browser.
  • Microsoft has steadily been adding new features and improving the browsers over the past year.
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From the look of things, the Edge browser could soon be getting a complete overhaul on the copy and paste function in Windows 11.

The changes also seem to be knocking on Chrome’s door. The feature dubbed ‘Pickling Clipboard’ will enhance the clipboard abilities on the browsers.

Recently, the Edge browser introduced a feature that lets users flip tabs vertically and it seems there is still more to come.

Incredibly useful features

The clipboard abilities will allow you to copy and paste a wider variety of formats. For people who use web apps, they will particularly find this feature more useful.

Interaction with websites and web apps will be easier when using either the mouse or keyboard shortcuts within the browser.

The update could also be coming to Chrome 98 and Edge 98. What’s even better is that the copy and paste will not be trumped by security standards as Microsoft has ensured no data loss or corruption will occur.

A much needed update

While you may not think of copy and paste that much, it is one of the most used functions when working on your PC and its absence would prove to be a great inconvenience.

Microsoft’s move to improve this feature is a much needed update and will  be handy in using web apps such as photo editors.

As it may be pretty obvious, Microsoft Edge is trying to win over more user to its side with the numerous features. Recently, it increased the prompts for the browser and now this copy and paste will definitely have some converts.

More good news

This feature is well planned as Microsoft already has a suite of web apps that will greatly benefit from the enhancements.

In addition, the changes will also be coming to Google’s popular Chrome browser. This particularly works in favor since both browsers run on the same web engine.

This will be a great move for users who want to make a choice over a browser they would like to use. 

What do you think of the new copy and paste function soon to be introduced to Edge? Let us know in the comment section.