Cortana and Alexa integration will reach users shortly

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Microsoft and Amazon announced back in August 2017 that the Amazon Alexa voice assistant would soon provide a Cortana skill and it would allow Echo owners to access data that is available only via Microsoft’s voice assistant service. Such interoperation will definitely turn out great for customers, and that’s why everyone’s expecting it eagerly.

For instance, we’ll be able to say “Alexa, open Cortana,” and this can then be followed by other commands as well. The service will also be able to work vice versa, and it will allow Cortana users to access Alexa skills.

Microsoft and Amazon missed the deadline

The two companies were supposed to launch the integration last year, but they seem to have missed the deadline. The companies also made statements regarding this delay and even they haven’t offered users a specific date, they are still enthusiastic at the idea.

Microsoft stated that the company would soon share more details and Amazon said that they are working on the integration and it will be launched shortly.

Integration will turn out advantageous for users

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella stated that the expertise and personality of each personal assistant would offer users more out of it, if these two interoperated. Both companies seemed really excited about this integration, and that’s what made them work together in the first place.

Until this day, there are tens of millions of Amazon Echos that have been sold, and the installed base of Cortana on Windows 10 is included in the hundreds of millions. This means that if the 25,000 Alexa skills can be accessed from a machine running Windows 10, the users will enjoy a fantastic set of capabilities such as home automation and many more. This would be the best thing that could eventually happen for customers.



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