This Physical Cortana Button Pairs to Windows 10 via Bluetooth to Control it Remotely

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Back in June we reported that Cortana was going to be embedded in Toshiba’s Windows 10 laptops in the form of a special physical key. Now we’re talking about another hardware product which looks to make access to Cortana much easier.
cortana bluetooth button windows 10
The inclusion of Cortana in Windows 10 is one of the best features of the new operating system and millions of users from all over the world. While this feature is a software one, ingenious engineers have come up with ways on how to extend its functionality, such as this new Bluetooth Cortana Button from Satechi which costs $29.

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can now add a dedicated Cortana button to your PC, laptop, tablet or Windows Phone in the form the BT Cortana Button which connects using Bluetooth. Here’s what the company said regarding the release:

In conjunction with the highly anticipated launch of Windows 10, Satechi is excited to announce its new BT Cortana Button. The palm-sized BT Cortana Button is the ideal solution for those needing to access their Windows smartphone or computer remotely. The small device allows users to access Windows’ new virtual personal assistant, Cortana, to schedule meetings, check the weather, send text messages and more, all while remaining hands-free. Instead of users needing to turn on the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature, which actively listens to the environment and therefore drains battery, users can opt to use the BT Cortana Button to conserve battery life and stay hands-free

In order to make the device work, you just pair the Cortana Button to your Windows device via Bluetooth as there is no software to install or any apps to download. The device comes with a CR2016 battery which claims to have an amazing battery life of up to 2 years and the wireless Bluetooth range is up to 40 feet.

You can also make use of a mount that lets you attach the Cortana Button to your steering wheel or onto bicycle handlebars, which is really neat. This new device really makes Cortana feel more like Siri and Google Now, so it could prove to be of great use to many. Have a look at the video from below to see more regarding it features.

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