Microsoft upgrades Cortana to make her more human-like

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Cortana is Microsoft’s direct response to Apple’s now iconic voice assistant Siri. The main function of Cortana is that of a voice assistant that helps you complete different tasks, while both providing and soaking up information transmitted verbally.

In a recent discovery, it seems that Microsoft has been securing a patent that intends to make Cortana behave more like a human being in the way that she greets users across all used platforms. The main issue Cortana is having, according to Microsoft, is that she isn’t greeting users as a human being would. If you had an actual assistant, they wouldn’t greet you with the same exact phrase twice or three times in a day, so if Cortana is to be more realistic, she shouldn’t either.

The way Microsoft intends to fix this is by having Cortana soak up personal information and get more accustomed to your preferences based on your emails, calendar appointments, messages and so on, and personalize each greeting accordingly. An example of this would be that Cortana will greet you by saying “Happy Birthday” the first time she greets you on your birthday, while secondary encounters will be greeted with something different like “I hope your day is going well”. Cortana will also implement things like sports or weather in her greetings, according to what you like. Cortana will be able to combine greetings as well, taking two different personalized greetings and turning them into a grander, more unique one.

The patent is apparently from back in April, but there is no word yet regarding its implementation. The feature branches out, requiring compatibility between platforms and tweaking so that Cortana doesn’t sabotage her mobile counterpart or vice versa.


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