Cortana will let you install Windows 10 using only voice commands

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A new Windows 10 build leaked online on Christmas day has spilled the beans on what’s in store for Windows Insiders in January and for general consumers once the Creators Update rolls out early next year.

The leak suggests the next Windows 10 build will pack a slew of nifty features for the desktop operating system. One of those features is a Cortana-powered setup experience for Windows 10, meaning you will soon be able to install the operating system using voice commands only. The latest internal build of Windows 10 contains a new OOBE that listens to the user for commands like Next. Nonetheless, Windows 10 will still let you choose the traditional way and use your keyboard and mouse to install the OS on a device.

This is not surprising given Microsoft’s goal of putting Cortana at the center of a user’s connected devices. The integration of Cortana into the Windows installer could also address the difficulty in installing Windows 10 in devices with no screen. A setup process tailored for voice would help solve that dilemma because Cortana would be the most useful way to do so for devices that do not have an input method.

Additionally, Microsoft is also improving the setup interface for devices with screens too. The upcoming user interface will let users switch voice activation on and off or change the volume, among other things.

It’s not clear whether the new enhancements are coming to the next Insider build. The Windows 10 Creators Update will definitely introduce these improvements anyway. Microsoft is expected to launch Cortana integration in the Windows setup process once it wraps up the new features for Windows Insiders in late January.



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