Cortana Will Improve Local Search on Windows 10

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You can perform a lot of actions with Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana. But one of the most used Cortana features is definitely a local search. And since a lot of people use Cortana to browse for files, folders and settings on their computers, Microsoft decided to improve the searching experience, by bringing categories to Cortana local search with the latest update.

From now on, when you search for a file, folder, or a certain setting, you’ll see categories in the search results. You can use these categories as filters, to narrow the search, and get more precise results. These categories are Apps, Files, Settings, and you can also switch to a Web search. When you previously used Cortana to search for your files, you had only two options, ‘My Stuff’ and ‘Web.’

cortana search filters windows 10

The update has yet to arrive to all Windows 10 PCs, and we don’t have any exact info when it will become available to users in all regions. Also, the update is available only for PCs running Windows 10, as users of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile didn’t receive any changes to Cortana’s searching experience, yet.

Microsoft is working tirelessly to improve Cortana, with developing new features and enhancements. And Cortana really became one of the most important parts of Windows 10 operating system, as the majority of newly released Universal apps, like Uber, TuneIn, Garmin, and more all come with the Cortana integration.

Microsoft won’t limit Cortana’s range at Windows 10 devices only, as the company prepares some revolutionary technologies, including the ability to control your entire home with Cortana, and work on your projects while you’re driving a car.

Did you get this Cortana update already, and what do you think about Microsoft’s efforts to make Cortana an important factor of our everyday life? Tell us in the comments.


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