Cortana to Receive Low Battery Alerts Future Windows 10 Builds

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Ever since Microsoft introduced its first virtual assistant, Cortana, its development team is constantly working on improving it, and delivering new features. Microsoft’s main aim with Windows 10 is to make it a ‘cross-platform’ operating system for all of its devices, and Cortana is a perfect ‘tool’ for achieving that goal, because it allows you to control apps and features of one device from another Windows 10-powered device.

Cortana already has a lot of cross-platform features, like the ability to check missed calls and received messages from your Windows 10 Mobile device on your computer, and now we expect another ability to arrive in the coming Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile builds. That ability is a low battery alert, which will send notifications to your computer, whenever your phone’s battery is empty.

We have this info from Twitter user @tfwboredom, who uploaded a screenshot of the anticipated feature on his profile. However, we have no official word from Microsoft about the feature, and the release date is also unknown, as the feature will allegedly arrive with some of the upcoming Windows 10 builds.

Microsoft is very serious with Cortana

Cortana has an enormous potential to become an important part of our everyday lives. Even app developers are recognizing a potential of Microsoft’s virtual assistant, as most of newly released Universal apps from the Windows Store now come with Cortana support.

Windows 10 Mobile devices aren’t only devices that rely on sync with Cortana, as Microsoft also recently integrated Cortana with its Microsoft Band. And that’s not all, Microsoft and other companies want to take one step further, as there are reports saying that Cortana will soon be featured in our cars and home appliances.

What do you think a low battery alert will arrive? And what Cortana’s cross-platform feature would you like to see soon? Tell us in the comments.

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