Microsoft to launch stand-alone Cortana app in September

by Radu Tyrsina
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Cortana app in Windows Store

Microsoft recently released Cortana as a stand-alone app in the Microsoft Store. The app is currently in the testing phase.

The rumors began circulating in May 2019 when Microsoft decided to decouple Search and Cortana. By the look of things, the company has started to implement its plan.

Windows users began speculating about Microsoft’s decision when they spotted a beta version of Cortana in Microsoft Store.

The company is going to use the Cortana beta app to update the digital assistant. It means that the updates are no longer available through Windows Update. The decision has been made to integrate new features to the digital assistant very quickly.

Microsoft never needed to release core Windows 10 changes to update the digital assistant. It was initially implemented as a web-based service to facilitate the update process.

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Microsoft expected to launch stand-alone Cortana app in September

The Cortana app is in the testing phase, and the next Windows 10 update (19H2) will bring the changes. Microsoft will officially release Windows 10 19H2 in September 2019.

Microsoft has not revealed the complete details about Cortana app. The company still has enough time to test more changes until September. We will likely see more changes like this in the final release.

There’s a Reddit thread that was created to discuss the matter. According to the discussion, many Windows 10 users are already looking forward to removing Cortana from their Task Manager.

Finally, I’ll be able to remove Cortana from my Task Manager as it’s always just sat there in it’s Suspended state with that leaf next to it because it’s been merged with Search since it’s beginnings. I liked Cortana but, it just never felt finished. It felt gimmicky and the fact that it had all of my requests recorded just didn’t made me feel safe(Although Google does that too).

Microsoft has improved Cortana over the last  few months. The digital assistant got new language packs and now sounds more natural with human-like conversations.

This decision will help Microsoft to promote Cortana as an individual entity. Cortana is already a part of many devices, including smart speakers, thermostats and iOS devices.