Cortana can now manage your to-do lists

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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When it comes to enhancing  its virtual assistant, Microsoft has never let us down. Cortana can now manage and track your to-do lists. What more can a holiday person wish for in this frenetic season of celebrations?

The newly introduced features of the app are quite simple, yet constructive:

  • Cortana is now able to create your Groceries to-do list, that includes keeping track of your shopping cart: what to add, what not to add and what is left to add. The shopping cart can further be organized by specific lists, and that too by voice commands. Moreover, the lists are customizable, editable and modifiable.
  • Integration with the popular list-making app Wunderlist, that Microsoft acquired back in June 2015, allows Windows 10 users to sign in with their personal Wunderlist accounts by going to Cortana’s Notebook and then selecting Connected Accounts. This will enable users to set a due date to their tasks on the to-do list through its mobile app.

You can connect Cortana to your Wunderlist account or set up a new account for greater functionality and access the lists you already have if you’re a current Wunderlist user. Connecting to Wunderlist gives you the ability to add due dates to your To Dos and create shared lists from the Wunderlist app.

The feature is currently available in English only on Windows 10 PCs and phones, as well as on iOS and Android, but it is still uncertain when the feature will make it to Xbox One.

It is the perfect time for Cortana to become smart enough to lend you a helping hand in holiday errands. Not only it is convenient, but also considerate of Microsoft to upgrade its personal digital assistant with a new “to do list” skill just in time for Christmas. Check it out for yourself by saying “Hey Cortana, create a Holiday list”.


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