Cortana gets latest updates for Xbox One before being released to the console

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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If you own a Xbox One console or have a computer that runs on Windows 10, then you already know that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is about to be released for both consoles and computers.

One of the main features that the Xbox One will receive is Cortana and even if many users have been reporting to have some problems with the digital assistant, it seems that the developing team has been listening to users’ complaints and they are already fixing issues.

Brad Rossetti (Xbox and PC Gaming at Microsoft – Xbox Preview Program), said on the Preview forums that Cortana has just finished its final “lesson” for launching TV channels, apps and games.

It seems that the users that are inside the Preview Program have reported that they’ve encountered some problems with Cortana while they were using commands such as: “Watch NBC”, “Play Halo 5”, “Launch YouTube” or “Open Netflix”. Apparently, Cortana was doing marketplace search or web search when users were using the mentioned commands, instead of opening apps/games. Well, thanks to this final “lesson”, Cortana will finally open the app/game/channel whenever you will ask her to.

Rossetti has added that this update is a sever side one and users should not expect a new Cortana update. In other words, if you are an Xbox One Preview member, you should see these changes right away. This is the reason why Rossetti is asking everyone who’s inside the Preview program to test the commands and give feedback. So, if you want to see a bug-free Cortana before it gets officially released for Xbox One, you should test it out and report all the problems that you find while using its features.

Will you use the Cortana to open games/apps/channels once it will be officially released for Xbox One?


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