Internet Explorer 12 Holds the Key to Cortana on Windows 8 PC and Tablets?

by Radu Tyrsina
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A few hours ago, we shared with you some of the top important features that are going to make their way into Internet Explorer 12 and a few of them made us believe that Cortana is coming to Windows 8
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By no means am I computer developer and I’m saying this just in case my assertions will come off as stupid for some of you more tech savvy out there. The Internet Explorer team has recently published some details about the upcoming version which is currently in development and there were some interesting tidbits which caught our attention. First of all, as you can see in the above screenshot, we’re talking about the Web Audio API feature which details the following – “a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications“.

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Is this hint that Cortana is making its way to Windows 8 computers and tablets?

Besides the above mentioned feature, there are two more features that are currently having the “in consideration” status and they also suggest Cortana is making its way into Windows:

Web Speech API (input)

Enables web developers to incorporate speech recognition into their web pages.

Web Speech API (synthesis)

Enables web developers to incorporate speech synthesis into their web pages.

So, all of these upcoming features could mean that we could be able to access Cortana by using the microphone on your Windows 8 devices, or, this could simply be indication that this is going to be possible with apps. In this case, could Cortana be made available as a standalone application? Some recent rumors have even been suggesting that it will only make its way once Windows 10 gets released and it will be deeply incorporated.

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