Here’s a list of all the Cortana commands you can use with the Xbox One

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Cortana is now available on the Xbox One allowing users to control their consoles using voice commands. Microsoft’s digital assistant offers a wider range of controls and commands compared to the classic Xbox One voice commands.

You can use the Kinect sensor for Cortana voice commands, as well as a headset with mic. If you have several headsets connected to the console at the same time, the controller connected to the profile available in the top-left corner of the Home screen is the one with voice control.

There are many Cortana commands you can use on the Xbox One console. In this article, we’ll list all the Cortana commands currently available. Should we forget any commands, feel free to list them in the comment section available at the end of the article.

Cortana Xbox One commands

  • Say “Hey Cortana” to get started
  • Speak naturally,  say “Hey Cortana, go home”  instead of “Xbox go home”
  • Say “Hey Cortana, open [game/app name]” or “Hey Cortana, let’s play [game name]
  • Say “Hey Cortana, what is [friend name] up to?” to check out what a friend is up to without pausing your game
  • Say “Hey Cortana, invite [friend name] to a party” to invite a friend to a party.

Turn your Xbox on and off

  • Hey Cortana, Xbox on (only with Kinect)
  • Hey Cortana, turn off
  • Hey Cortana, restart

Media controls – Control your media playback

  • Hey Cortana, pause the movie
  • Hey Cortana, rewind
  • Hey Cortana, play the next song
  • Hey Cortana, mute

Audio controls – Control your sound level

  • Hey Cortana, volume up
  • Hey Cortana, mute
  • Hey Cortana, volume up 3

Navigation – Getting around on Xbox One

  • Hey Cortana, go home
  • Hey Cortana, go back
  • Hey Cortana, show menu
  • Hey Cortana, change view
  • Hey Cortana, switch
  • Hey Cortana, show notifications

Profile – Sign in, out, and off

  • Hey Cortana, sign in
  • Hey Cortana, sign in as John
  • Hey Cortana, sign out

Friends – Play and chat with friends

  • Hey Cortana, is [name] online?
  • Hey Cortana, what’s [name]doing?
  • Hey Cortana, start a party with [name]
  • Hey Cortana, send a message to [name]

Games & apps – Jump in and have fun

  • Hey Cortana, snap friends
  • Hey Cortana, launch settings
  • Hey Cortana, play Forza

Game captures – Record your awesomeness

  • Hey Cortana, take a screenshot
  • Hey Cortana, start broadcast
  • Hey Cortana, record that

TV & OneGuide – Sit back and enjoy

  • Hey Cortana, watch TV
  • Hey Cortana, watch ESPN
  • Hey Cortana, show the OneGuide

Search – Find what you’re looking for

  • Hey Cortana, search the web for news about Xbox One
  • Hey Cortana, search the store for Minecraft

Help – Get answers

  • Hey Cortana, help
  • Hey Cortana, what can I say?

Places – Get directions

  • Hey Cortana, show me a map of 123 Main Street
  • Hey Cortana, how far to the Grand Canyon
  • Hey Cortana, when does Starbucks open?
  • Hey Cortana, find cheap pizza restaurants near me

Facts – People, places, things, stuff

  • Hey Cortana, who is the tallest woman in the world?
  • Hey Cortana, who is the president of France?
  • Hey Cortana, who won the first Super Bowl?
  • Hey Cortana, how tall is Mount Kilimanjaro?
  • Hey Cortana, where was Obama born?

Tracking – Flights and packages

  • Hey Cortana, what time does Alaska 32 depart?
  • Hey Cortana, flight status for Southwest 11?
  • Hey Cortana, when will my package arrive?

Sports – Scores, stats, and predictions

  • Hey Cortana, when is the next Seahawks game?
  • Hey Cortana, what’s the Arsenal score?
  • Hey Cortana, who will win the 49ers Cardinals game?

Show times – Movies and concerts

  • Hey Cortana, what are the showtimes for Star Wars?
  • Hey Cortana, what movies are playing near me?
  • Hey Cortana, Daft Punk events near me?

Finance – Currency conversions and stocks

  • Hey Cortana, convert 60 dollars to yen?
  • Hey Cortana, bitcoin exchange rate?
  • Hey Cortana, what’s the value of Microsoft stock?

Math – Calculations and conversions

  • Hey Cortana, convert 172 pounds to kilograms
  • Hey Cortana, how many meters in 1 kilometer?
  • Hey Cortana, what’s the value of cos 60?
  • Hey Cortana, what is the square root of 256?

Dictionary – Define and translate

  • Hey Cortana, define “smart”
  • Hey Cortana, what is the meaning of spartan?
  • Hey Cortana, translate hello to German”
  • Hey Cortana, how do you say how are you in French?

Weather – What’s it like out there?

  • Hey Cortana, is it hot in Rio de Janeiro?
  • Hey Cortana, will it rain this weekend?
  • Hey Cortana, do I need an umbrella?
  • Hey Cortana, what’s the weather right now?



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