You can now play with a fidget spinner on the Xbox One

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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The Covfefe fidget spinner app might just be the greatest UWP app of all time judging by the reception it’s received so far.

Covfefe Spinner features

Thanks to the power of UWP, Covfefe Spinner managed to make its way to the Xbox One recently and comes complete with Xbox controller support.

The app has the same features it has on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile,  including the all-important Xbox controller support. It contols just like a real fidget spinner and it can be played with one hand using the A button atop as an intuitive power slide.

You can fidget spin with one hand and browse your memes, do your taxes and search for the meaning of life online with the other hand: Covfefe Spinner will not stay in the way of your workflow.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support Xbox achievements but you will be able to purchase some new fidget spinner colors and other features with either in-app currency earned from your spinning action or with micropayments.

The app represents the full-blown and untapped potential of the Universal Windows Platform. Who knows? Maybe someday, future versions of Covfefe Spinner could integrate Xbox Live achievements or Xbox arena for tournament spinning. Maybe we can even get a HoloLens version and we’ll be able to spin it 3D. The potential for the app is really endless at least until the whole trend passes ways. It might be a few months, or so — we’ll see.

You can get the Covfefe Spinner app from the Windows Store. You should see it appear in your ‘ready to install’ apps list on Games and apps on your Xbox One after you get it. Happy spinning to all of you!


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