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Microsoft App studio is a handy tool which allows beginner developers to make apps for Windows Phone. And with the most recent update of this tool, users are now allowed to create apps for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10.
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A couple of years ago, Microsoft introduced a web-based tool which helps ‘regular people’ to create apps for Windows Phone using just templates provided by Microsoft, with no coding knowledge required. Using this app is great for beginner Windows developers who still need practice before they start some more serious coding.

Until now, users were able to develop apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 platforms with this tool, but Microsoft recently announced, via the official Windows blog post, that users will now be able to create apps for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, as well. The app also received a few more updates and new features, and here is the list of most notable additions:

  • Live Tile update – improves the reliability and battery consumption
  • Xbox Music database integration with query results
  • Your app can now query search results from Xbox Music App to search for artists, albums, songs, etc.
  • Detailed app analystics
  • Dual sideloader tools for testing apps in Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 environments

Apps submission to the Windows App Store won’t be available until summer, which is completely expected, assuming that it will come along with the full version of Windows 10, but those who want to start building their apps right now, can do so by signing up to App Studio Beta. You can also read our article about Windows Store apps creation where you will find more about this tool.

Microsoft’s intention to make Windows 10 equally interesting for both mobile and computer developers is clear, and with tool like Windows App Studio, the company should achieve the goal. This app could also be used as a good educational tools for all beginner programmers.

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