Creatopy: make beautiful ads that actually stand out

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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Ads can be seen anywhere nowadays, regardless of whether we are walking down the streets or navigating someone’s Facebook profile, and the truth is there’s no way to truly get rid of them.

However, if you’re the one making the ads, you may want to shift your focus from making them more invasive to making them more captivating, and that’s precisely what we will be showing you today.

The design of an ad can make or break a user’s response to any given product or service, and that is why a solid ad design tool is needed, and we would like to showcase Creatopy.

What is Creatopy?

Creatopy is a simple online visual production platform that allows anyone that has a product or service that needs to be advertised to do it in a very artistic fashion.

Simply input your headings, call-to-action buttons and pictures, and Creatopy will showcase several templates for you to choose from that you can later easily tweak and edit to perfection.

Beautiful ads made easy

Back in the old days, creating an ad meant you needed at least 3 people to help you: a marketer, a developer, and a visual designer, but with Creatopy you no longer need to feel limited by the lack of one or them, or even all of them.

Templates make things easier

Imagination, or the lack of it, is one of the limiting factors when it comes to creative work, and it can sometimes be a problem even when there’s no deadline and you have all the time in the world.

Well, Creatopy gets rid of those issues via an extremely vast library of templates, filters, color schemes, stickers, and more, and all you really need to do is simply choose the elements you like most and bring them all together in a visually pleasing way.

Fun videos, not just static ads

No matter how fun an ad may look, a picture is still a picture: static and eventually becoming boring, but with Creatopy you also have a video editor at your disposal, allowing you a more dynamic way of interacting with your users.

Stay consistent

The purpose of a brand is to be instantly recognizable, and the only way to do that is to be consistent with the design elements within your ads so that they will grow on your users over time.

Creatopy allows you to focus on those core elements by letting you save your progress in between projects so that you always have the core elements ready to which you will just add a few more tweaks.

More so, you can upload all of the brand-related assets to each project using the multiple brand kits feature, and easily switch between them whenever needed.

Automation tools

Scale your advertising efforts. Start from one ad design and get to thousands of variations, resize ads, and work on design sets simultaneously (Generator).

The exclusive content

Premium stock photos, stock videos, audio tracks, and much more. The type of content that will help you shape your brand’s personality, from start to finish.

Collaboration is its second nature

Two heads think better than one, and Creatopy lets you collaborate with others in real-time so that projects are finished faster and better.

Creatopy’s  team collaboration feature allows you to create and manage as many teams as possible, and you can add multiple members to your team and set their predefined roles.

You can also share branded kits with your team members, as well as your designs, folders, and projects.

High value-per-cost ratio

With such a long string of pros and very few cons, one would expect Creatopy to come along with a premium price tag attached to it, but that is definitely not the case.

As you can see, Creatopy can be tested for free for 7 days, during which you can test all of its features with very few limitations.

That being the case, there’s no harm in giving it a try if you’re looking for such a tool anyway, since most likely you would bother going for another after using it.



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Closing thoughts

Intuitive user interface
Comes with a free plan
A large library of templates
Editing tools are easy to use
Supports multiple download formats
Access to millions of stock photos and videos
Creates banners, presentations, videos, and more
Some may find the editing tools to be too simplistic

All in all, we were impressed by how well Creatopy worked and how easily we could create ads to promote our products with it.

Our tests revealed that the app worked very smoothly, and besides the obvious Internet connection, there’s no real system requirement that may limit its use.

Let us know what you think about Creatopy by leaving us your feedback in the comments section below.