The Creators Update is now running on 65% of Windows 10 PCs

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Every month, the AdDuplex advertising network releases the statistics for Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem and Windows 10 PC usage.

The Creators Update in stats

In August, according to the latest data, the Creators Update is installed on two-thirds of Windows 10 PCs. The Creators Update began its roll out back in April, and it’s currently running on 65.6% of the devices, while in July it was running on 50.1%. The rate of the roll out is lower than the one of the Anniversary Update. The latter is now at 30.1% down from 46% in July.

MSI is still the leader among essential PC manufacturers with a little under 80% of its systems running the Creators Update. Dell comes second with 72%, and Microsoft’s own Surface devices are running Windows 10 on a percentage of 71%. While back in July, 18% of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 devices were running the Creators Update, now more than 60% of these are running it, and this is a great increase. 80% of the Surface Books and 78% of the Surface Pro 2 are running the operating system.

Recent Surface Pro 4 discounts made the device very popular

The Surface Pro 4 is the most widely used of Microsoft’s devices, and this means 43.6% of all Surface devices. In July it was 40.8%. This rise may be due to the huge discounts for this device that happened in the last few weeks.

Microsoft and the company’s retail partners have been clearing out the stocks to make space for the long-awaited Surface Pro tablet. This one went from 2.4% in July to 3.7% in August. The new Surface Laptop went from 0.6% to 1.4%.

The Surface Studio all-in-one desktop is in the saddest situation because it went from 0.2% in July to 0% in August.



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