Creators Update for Xbox One: Everything you need to know

by Radu Tyrsina
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Many may be unaware, but the Creators Update actually arrived for the Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles on March 29th before it launched on PCs, bringing with it an updated UI and other new features.

If you powered on your Xbox One that day, you probably noticed the improvements which included a snappier feel and a refreshed look. That’s because the Creators Update for Xbox One greatly revamps the menu system. On the other hand, it also introduced new features, moved some features around, changed a few shortcuts, and banished a number of old features. Here’s what has changed on Xbox One:

Game DVR settings relocated

Microsoft moved the Game DVR settings from the Xbox App to the Gaming section of Windows Settings. You must choose Settings from the bottom left and then click Gaming in the middle of the Settings to get there.

New icon on the Game Bar

The fresh icon on the Game Bar is the Broadcast button, which lets you quickly stream gaming directly to Beam. The broadcast button will also help you create an account if you have not used Beam in the past.

The all-new Game Mode

We have invested quite a great deal of time in the past reporting about the Game Mode, a new feature designed to isolate the CPU and prioritize the GPU in order to maximize a user’s gaming experience and increase a title’s overall frame rate. You can access Game Mode through the Settings.

If, after turning Game Mode on, you still have not noticed an improved performance, ensure that you have enabled the feature for each individual game you wish to use it with. Open any game, press Windows + G to launch the Game Bar, select Settings on the Game Bar, then check the box that states “Use Game Mode for this game.”

Accessing the Game Bar in a full-screen game

With the Creators Update, you can access the Game Bar in a full-screen game, with support for over 80 games. To do so, choose Gaming in the Settings and then check the “Show Game bar when I play full-screen games Microsoft has verified” setting.

OneGuide button in the Xbox app removed

The OneGuide button, made up of the guide, TV controls, and TV streaming, are now gone from the Windows versions of the Xbox app. Users must download the Xbox One SmartGlass app from the Windows Store to use OneGuide on Windows now.

The removal of the OneGuide button displeased some users. On the Xbox forums, one user commented:

That’s a real shame about having to go back to using SmartGlass for TV streaming.  I can’t imagine that the resource hit in the Xbox App was so great that it required removing.  Now we have to use two apps to get the same functionality as before?  That’s not really a great user experience, is it?

What is your take on the Creators Update for Xbox One? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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