CrowdInspect updated to improve malware scanning processes

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Today, CrowdInspect users were greeted with a brand new update from the software’s developer, CrowdStrike. After applying the update, users will find CrowdInspect jumps to version 1.5, gaining the ability to not only processes connected to the network but every running process.

Is scanning any good?

After the scanning process finishes, the software will follow up with a report on the situation giving users information regarding the kind of infections that were found and what processes enabled them. If people are interested in the full, extensive report, they can access it by right-clicking any of the files flagged as a potential threat.

This will give users the option of going to their website where all the information is available. Some might be unfamiliar with the various threats that exist at any given point, so the program will color code them to make it easy for people to distinguish mild threats from critical, priority threats.

How does it deal with networks?

File information will also include a complete report on the network connections it is associated with, if any. If there are, users will be able to see all the relevant data such as whether its TCP or UDP, the kind of remote IP’s that are associated with it, as well as its current state.

The program also features a column called Web of Trust which ranks each remote IP. Additionally, users can see unwanted connections and deal with them easily, even if they aren’t related to malware. The Live/History feature allows users to see all running connections at a given time, which brings even more security.


The new version of the software comes with multiple improvements and enhancements making the difference visible. With malware and other threats being at an all-time high at the moment, every update that bolsters system security is welcom.


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