Crytek has confirmed that it is developing Crysis 4

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Crytek announced the development of Crysis 4, the sequel to the acclaimed first-person shooter series.
  • The game developer recently released remastered versions of Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3 for game consoles.
  • Crytek confirmed the existence of a fourth Crysis game but has not provided further details.
crysis 4

Crytek has confirmed the rumored Crysis 4, developed in partnership with publisher Electronic Arts. Crysis is a first-person shooter that places players in the role of a soldier using a technology called the nanosuit.

Now that Crysis 3 has ended the story of the nanosuit, it will be interesting to see where Crytek and EA take the franchise in Crysis 4.

Crytek did not announce any further details about the game, but it is in development. Recently, the development team released remastered versions of Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3 for game consoles. 

However, the visual and performance issues that plagued these versions are especially obvious when playing them on Xbox Series X.

Crytek will likely be able to address these problems and make improvements, given that Crytek chose to release the game in 2022 and has received considerable feedback from gamers.


Crytek earlier on confirmed the existence of a fourth installment in the Crysis franchise, though it is unclear if the company intended to do so.

A few days after Crytek officially announced the existence of the game, a trailer was released for it. Crytek may have leaked this information themselves to build hype for the game.

Crytek head Avni Yerli announced on the company’s website later that day, revealing that it is currently in development. Here’s what Avni had to say:

A new Crysis game is happening … We are so pleased and excited to bring this news to you, and we really can’t wait to reveal more details about what lies ahead. Right now the game is in the early stages of development so it will be a while yet … As development progresses we will release more details when we can.


Hopefully, Crysis 4 will be a polished experience when it is finally released. The first-person shooter genre has changed dramatically over the last decade, so the next Crysis needs to meet the expectations of today’s gamers.

Microsoft’s Halo franchise will have a new entry this year: Halo Infinite. This time around, it is adopting an open-world approach to revitalize the series. Maybe Crysis 4 will too.

What are your expectations of the new game, Crysis 4? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.