CUBE WP10 is a huge 7″ Windows 10 phone selling for $140

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A month ago, there were rumors about a smartphone called the WP10 created by CUBE and running Windows 10 Mobile that was slated for release in Europe. There weren’t many known details about the device, but it made many people curious, especially potential buyers looking for a budget-friendly handset running Microsoft’s latest OS.

Fans now have the possibility to buy the WP10 from AliExpress, where the price of the device is set at €123.02, around $140. The device can be considered either a monster smartphone or a small tablet because it has a 6.98-inch 720P IPS HD screen, but on the AliExpress site is listed as a Tablet PC.

Other specs include an inferior Snapdragon 220 quad core processor backed by 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage expandable to 128GB, a primary camera of 5MP on the back and a secondary camera of 2MP on the front, and a 2850 mAh battery. It measures 187.7 x 97.7 x 7.6 cm and weighs 248 grams. It also has a white back made of plastic and a metal frame.

It seems that its initial price was €269.37 (around $300), but AliExpress site reduced its price to €123.02, which is more reasonable for a Snapdragon 220-powered handset. The device also includes special enhancements such as a noise-canceling mic, LOUD VOICE technology that provides clearer calls, support for USB OTG, quick charging technology and full 3G and LTE support.

The device runs on Windows 10 Mobile, so users will have great integration with Cortana, the digital assistant that takes commands and provides relevant results when it’s asked to perform various tasks. Also, the WP10 supports Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi 802.11a/g/n and two SIM cards.



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