Law makers keep trying to convince tech companies to turn over customer data

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Companies these days are moving their data from on-premises servers to the cloud. Information that was once housed in a country under a specific jurisdiction can now be stored anywhere in the world.

Both IT departments are lawmakers are shifting their focus and searching for new middle grounds. Security is now more important than ever, and measures for treating this subject as it deserves, with increased attention have to be taken.

Jeff Pollard, the principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc., is specialized in the massive subject of security and he recently stated that laws and policies have to reflect the infrastructure’s architecture. In other words, lawyers may come to dictate the type of privacy software needed to be written.

Security can be easily compromised these days even in places that you wouldn’t expect such a thing to happen.

Regulators and law enforcement are trying to influence the IT architecture

The Supreme Court case addressing whether Microsoft Corp. must turn over their customer data stored on overseas does nothing but show how law enforcement and regulator are trying to force their influence over the IT architecture that slipped out of their reach.

Using a simple solution to protect our private data

In case you want to be secure while surfing the internet, you will need to get a full-dedicated tool to secure your network.  Install now Cyberghost VPN and secure yourself. It protects your PC from attacks while browsing, masks your IP address and blocks all unwanted access.

What users can do in order to prevent cybercrime and protect their essential data is not that hard for the moment. The answer is installing privacy software on our systems, and thankfully, there’s plenty to choose from.

Security tools can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and security breaches, and they also offer a feeling of safety while at the same time encouraging productivity.


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