FIY: Dailymotion App for Windows 10 Has an in-App Mini Player

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There’s a new update to the Dailymotion app for Windows 10 desktop. When we first came across this update, we were surprised to realize that folks still use Dailymotion, and there’s a good amount.

With that said, Dailymotion users will be happy to know that there’s a new update that brings to the table some interesting new features. Nothing much has changed from our perspective, but the little changes are notable to those who are looking.

The first thing we noticed about the updated Dailymotion app, is the improved design and faster navigation. Things loaded a lot quicker than usual, and that’s always a good thing. But that’s not all because it gets much better.

In the past, if you were playing a video via the Dailymotion app but decided to venture off in a bid to browse around to seek out the next best video, the current video would close. However, with this new update, this is no longer the case. Leaving the video will not end playback, the app will now automatically load a mini in-app player that continues to entertain while you’re messing around.

The only time this mini video player will close is if the user plays a new video or fire up the settings area.

What else is new? How about the ability to search using Cortana, that would be cool right? Well, it is now part of the feature set and works pretty well. It is also now possible to cast videos to a bigger screen using Miracast.

If you’re new to Dailymotion, don’t go in expecting a YouTube type experience, you won’t find it here. The experience is far inferior and the video content are lacking. Still, for what it is, Dailymotion is not bad, especially if you reside in France or some other parts of Europe.

Yahoo wanted to purchase Dailymotion once to compete with YouTube before the Google owned company transformed into the behemoth it is today. The French owners must be pinching themselves today for refusing to sell.

Grab the new Dailymotion app directly from the Windows Store.


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