DailyMotion App for Windows 10 is now Universal

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DailyMotion is one of the most popular video-sharing services in the world. It has been present on various platforms (Android, iOS, web) for quite some time, but it didn’t have an universal Windows 10 version, until now.

DailyMotion Windows 10 app is now available in the Store, and it’s a Universal app, so it works perfectly on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The new app brings a couple of useful features, like movable in-app mini player, personalized suggestions, and the ability to play 4K HD videos.

Just like many other Universal apps, DailyMotion also has Cortana integration, which means that you’ll be able to search for the videos, and play them outside the app. Here’s the list of all new features of the new DailyMotion app for Windows 10:

  • Moveable in-app mini player, which will allow you to view your video everywhere in the application.
  • Easy drag & drop video files into the dailymotion application to allow you to upload your videos more easily
  • New Quick search which can allow you to search by keyword or browse by category
  • Enabled Cortana voice search to improve your searching experience outside of the dailymotion application.
  • Get personalized suggestions and curated content
  • Enjoy stunning 4K HD videos
  • Follow your favorite channels
  • Manage your channel

DailyMotion still behind YouTube

DailyMotion is around for more than 10 years, but it never reached the heights of its biggest rival, YouTube. The service is seeking for new audience, and that may be one of the reasons it arrived to the Windows 10 platform, because the Windows Store turns into a huge market.

And the fact that YouTube still doesn’t have its official Windows 10 app, will only be good for DailyMotion. Here are a couple of images with the app in action in the gallery from below:

However, even DailyMotion’s presence in the Windows Store won’t get this French video-sharing service a lot closer to YouTube, because YouTube is simply out of reach, right now. If you want to download the official DailyMotion app, you can do it for free, from the Windows Store.


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