Dangerous Golf to release on June 3 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Three Fields Entertainment was formed in 2014 by former employees of Criterion, the developer who made Burnout. Next month, the new team of designers, artists, and engineers will release their first game, Dangerous Golf — and it’s all about destruction.

The action takes place in an indoor environment where gamers play golf to hit and destroy objects around them, such as plates or pots. When the golf ball heats up and catches fire, it means players are making a big enough mess in the kitchen and racking up their score.

Dangerous Golf will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles and will be released on June 3. Three Fields Entertainment has already published a trailer for this upcoming game hoping that it will convince many destroyers who suppress their anger in real life to release their demons and smash objects in the kitchen. The trailer can be watched below:

While US players destroy plates, microwave ovens, and dishwashers in the kitchen, in England the action takes place in a Castle in which where players knock down suits of armor, break antiques, repaint works of art or vandalize the Dungeon, Queens Corridor, and Great Hall.

French players will be taken to a palace where they’ll be able to break tables, the bottles and vases on them, pianos, old clocks, or go to the Library and make lots of ruckus. Lastly, Australians are able to break windows in the Outback store, cause explosions after setting fire to the gas pumps, and much more.

The game has a World Tour mode where one or two players will compete in ten tours and unlock 100 different holes; the Co-Op World Tour will allow two players to work together and help each other to maximize scoring while the Party Golf offline mode will gather up to eight players who choose the holes they want to play.


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