Dark Brotherhood DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online comes to Xbox One

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The Xbox version of The Elder Scrolls Online finally received The Dark Brotherhood DLC today. This DLC was first released to PC gamers on May 31 and allows Xbox One players to join the infamous band of assassins known as The Dark Brotherhood. They are the most feared killers in Tamriel, something the developer wasn’t at all shy from showing it in the DLC trailer.

The Dark Brotherhood DLC will take you back to the Gold Coast of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, somewhere that requires you to be merciless to blend in. When you purchase the DLC game pack, you’ll have three options to get started: take a boat directly to the Gold Coast, visit any Outlaw’s Refuge and speak to Amelie Crowe who will grant you the first quest, “Voices in the Dark,” or get the first quest straight from your Collections UI.

You will then arrive at the Anvil Lighthouse to receive further instructions. There, you will be given access to the Blade of Woe and if you manage to be silent enough and creep up behind appropriate targets, you’ll be able to assassinate the victim without them even realizing.

You can increase your standing in the Dark Brotherhood and get rewards by completing two types of quests: contract killings that will reward you for taking out certain individuals, and Sacraments that send you to specialized locations where you will stalk and kill your prey.

The Dark Brotherhood also introduces two new delves. The first is Hrota Cave and the other is Garlas Agea. In them, two new world bosses are looking for challengers to defeat them: Limenauruus is a towering minotaur found at Tribune’s Follye while the other world boss is lurking in the Kvatch Arena.



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