A former PS4 exclusive just topped Steams sales charts

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  • Sony first released Days Gone in 2019 for its consoles, with the PC release 2 years later.
  • The console giant has just unleashed Days Gone on Windows during May 2021.
  • Days Gone has stormed to the top of Steam’s Global Best Seller chart a day after its release.
  • Reviews have generally rated Days Gone to be a better game on Windows than PlayStation consoles.

In 2019, Sony released its zombie apocalypse game Days Gone for the PlayStation 4. To bring more of its games to a wider audience, Sony launched a PC version of Days Gone for Windows in May 2021. Days Gone for Windows has almost immediately become a best-seller on Steam.

Days Gone is a #1 seller

Sony released Days Gone for Windows on May 18, which now sits proudly atop Steam’s Global Top Sellers chart on May 19. Therefore, Days Gone has made a great start on Windows; and the only question now is how long it can hold the top spot.

Days Gone is a third-person survival horror game that received a mixed reception on the PlayStation 4.

Its Metacritic average user score of 8.3 highlights that most players were impressed by the game. Yet, its reviews from the gaming media were mixed. One of Days Gone’s reviews rated it at 30 percent.

However, Days Gone for Windows has had some notable upgrades. The Windows game has a wider field of view, enhanced graphical detail, and unlocked frame rates.

So, Windows players can play Days Gone at higher than 60fps, which is the game’s maximum frame rate on consoles.

Those upgrades have ensured more favorable reviews for Days Gone on Windows. Windows Days Gone has an average Metacritic review rating of 78, which is higher than the 71 average for the PlayStation 4 game. One Windows Days Gone review stated:

Days Gone is the perfect PlayStation game to make its way to PC. It was already a beautiful game, but held back by the PS4 and PS4 Pro. On PC, Days Gone gets its chance to flourish, running at uncapped frame rates, high resolutions, and touting a FOV slider.

This comes only days after speculations of Steam and consoles working together first arise, and it seems that the phenomena does nothing but catch more and more momentum.

With better reviews, Days Gone has become an instant hit on Windows. If it remains top of the Steam chart for a more prolonged period, Sony might be encouraged to release more of its games for Windows. You can snap up Days Gone for Windows from its Steam page.

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