Dead by Daylight’s new healing mechanics fall under heavy criticism

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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A recent suggestion regarding Dead by Daylight’s healing mechanism has sparked criticism among players. According to the game’s developers, the new healing system should be a minor balancing adjustment. However, not all players agree with their plans.

The idea is that players should be able to heal themselves only once per match. After that, your character can be only in dying state or injured state. In other words, you will never heal completely and you will stay in an injured state until the end.

Of course, this means that you’ll go a whole game with loud breathing and moaning, and Iron Will will become mandatory. This also means that the game’s devs will need to balance Stridor and Iron Will, as well.

Dead by Daylight new healing mechanics

Many players welcomed this suggestion, agreeing with the devs. Moreover, they say that this change should make killers’ job much easier. Let us not forget that many survivors love to pallet loop and this often turns the game into a comedy scene.

On the other hand, as expected, survivors don’t like this idea. They believe that this change will make their surviving task more difficult, and many will give up playing as survivors. As a result, there will be more killers than survivors.

If they add this, they need to add more spots for hiding and more variety for “losing” the killer. At the moment it is really hard for survivors to lose the survivor, but at the same time it’s hard for killers to catch survivors that pallet loop. I think the timing of this would be bad. If they add more mechanics, it could be amazing and add more intensity.

The exact healing mechanics are still unknown. The game’s Creative Director’s words leave much room for interpretation. “They will able to heal themselves once”, can mean that either you can only self care once, or you can only get fully healed once. It is not clear yet whether your team mates can fully heal you after you’ve already healed yourself.

For the time being, this change is not yet confirmed since the devs are currently testing it. More information about the new changes in the healing mechanics should be available soon.

What do you think about these possible changes? Yay or nay?