Fans complain Dead Rising 4 is not Dead Rising

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Dead Rising 4, the long awaited sequel of the Dead Rising series, is not what gamers expected. The title is set one year after the events of Dead Rising 3 and focuses on former photojournalist Frank West who now works as a college professor. One of his students convinces him to investigate a military facility in Willamette where they discover that someone is using the place for zombie research. And then, the zombie hunt starts again.

Dead Rising 4 let down many gamers and received mixed reviews. This is because the game’s developers removed many of the features that made Dead Rising, well, Dead Rising.

First of all, rescuing survivors is no longer such a big deal. Players no longer need to make meaningful choices and the in-game decision of doing so has been simplified. Somehow, the game pushes players forward, and at certain moments inertia will simply take over.

Gamers no longer fully engage in the game. Rather, they play as if they were watching a movie. As such, they don’t have the time to notice the world around them anymore.

Dead Rising 4 fails to bring unique elements to the gameplay that could differentiate it from other zombie-killing games. In an era where zombie games are flooding the market, game developers really need to come up with something unique to draw fans attention. As one gamer points out , the main mistake that the developers of DR4 have made was trying to appeal to as many people as they could. But when you try to appeal to every audience, actually you’ll appeal to no one.

The game doesn’t look like a bad game, but I’m very disappointed as a Dead Rising fan. The marketing was all about how this game is “going back to the spirit of the original!” but I don’t think it can be any further from the first two installments.

Other Dead Rising fans blame Microsoft for Dead Rising 4’s transformation. They criticize the tech giant for giving the “make sure you can sell this to ANYONE” treatment to a series of games, including Halo 5 and Gears of War.

On the other hand, there are also many gamers who really like the new Dead Rising 4 game and accepted the recent game changes.

I have no problem with what they’ve done with the game in general. If the developers find they please a larger audience by casualising the game and removing the event timer (which is the most interesting thing about the franchise’s gameplay imo) and they like the idea, then go ahead and do that.

What do you think about the Dead Rising 4 sequel? Have the game changes turned you off?



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