Deezer App for Windows 8, 10 Gets a Big Update You Shouldn’t Miss

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It’s been more than a year since the official Deezer app has made its way into the Windows Store for Windows 8 users, but now it has received what seems to be its biggest update yet.
windows 8 deezer app
If you haven’t installed yet the official Deezer app on your Windows 8 devices, then you’re missing out a lot. The app lets you enjoy over 30 million tracks for free, which is an offer you won’t be seeing in too many other places. And now, it has received a huge revamp. First of all, there’s now the option to use Deezer on your Windows 8 device even when you don’t have an Internet connection, by using the new offline mode. This is really, really nice, as not all of us have a data plan with your tablets.

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Deezer for Windows 8 welcomes its biggest update yet

Also, the app now comes with push notifications, the launch time has been seriously reduced and the search screen and suggestions have been enhanced. As if the above mentioned features weren’t enough, it also comes with a redesigned fullscreen player which comes with a new progress bar and more information displayed, as well as improved graphics, improvements to the shuffle mode, the ability to navigate easier through Deezer Picks while on a tablet. The Shuffle and repeat modes now remain when the app is relaunched and a bunch of other bugs have been squashed, as well.
deezer windows 8 app

deezer app for windows 8

Take music to a new dimension! The Deezer app lets you discover, enjoy, and share all the music you want, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy over 30 million tracks for free .Build your music library and create your own playlists. Listen to thousands of artist-based and themed radio channels. Never miss a beat with push notifications direct to your device. Discover the latest tracks and music trends with new releases and Deezer Picks. Take it to the next level with Deezer Premium+: Listen without limits to over 30 million tracks and build your own music library. No ads, no interruptions.

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